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Invite incredible professionals to your project from a curated roster of talented freelancers. Our Creative skills include: Art and Design, Marketing and Campaign Management and Development and Testing.
We're incredibly proud of the creative individuals who have chosen to use our platform. To ensure we maintain a high standard of talent we regularly review every profile registered with DoodleMeeple to ensure each meets our high expectations.
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Whether you're established in the tabletop game industry or just starting out, at DoodleMeeple we're working to showcase your skills and connect you with clients.

Register with DoodleMeeple and you’ll have access to everything you need to build your profile and put together professional quotes.

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Jamie Noble Frier, with Luna the dog

Jamie Noble-Frier

Co-Founder & Digital Artist

“There’s nothing like creating your own world for people to enjoy: developing something that you know people will love. The design process
is almost as much fun as the games themselves…

But we know you’re only one Meeple. There’s a bunch of stuff to do to get there, and we’re here to help you identify what help you need. DoodleMeeple is loaded with board game industry level creative talent, waiting to help on your next project.”