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New for 2021

Quality of life improvements
14th March 2021
Hi everyone,

Much like a duck, DoodleMeeple’s 2 webbed feet (Jamie and myself), have been paddling frantically beneath the surface to create an improved experience for all our service users. From tomorrow, you’ll notice some changes to the way DoodleMeeple looks and feels.


We’ve implemented a task based notification system that will always inform you of any actions you need to take to keep your projects moving. Simply click a task and you’ll be taken straight to where you need to be, this could be; creating a project, replying to messages, answering invites or making sure your profile is complete.

Email Notifications

You’ll now be notified by email when you receive a message, quote or project invite.


Those of you that jumped aboard our fledging project a year ago will now have an “Early Bird” profile badge on their profile, other badges will appear for featured artists as well as Patreon supporter (you’ll hear more about that soon). More are planned, so anyone who’s received invites, or been accepted for a project will also soon have those acheivements marked.


DoodleMeeple is now almost entirely mobile compatible, however there’s still room for improvement. If you notice any issues on your device please get in touch (tim@doodlemeeple.com)

As always, we appreciate your support & patience

Tim & Jamie

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Tim Simms

Technical Co-Founder