Featured Creative: Aviv Or - DoodleMeeple

Aviv Or


What gets you excited to get to your desk in the morning?

Working on a new character design – the opportunity to pick an idea from a client’s mind and flesh it into a fully visualised, living (well, in a fictional sense) character.

How would you describe your style, and do you like to break out into different styles?
Comic art is what got me into drawing in the first place. I spent a lot of time and energy trying to force myself into different styles that seemed more “right” for the tabletop field, but lately I’ve become more comfortable going back to my roots and committing to comics and cartoon art.
What’s your dream project that someone could commission you to do?

Penny Arcade’s Acquisition Incorporated was definitely a dream project – doing official D&D artwork in a light-hearted, humorous setting that naturally fits a comics style. Plus I had so much creative freedom in designing the book’s “Iconic” characters. More of those projects please!

If you could tell all of your prospective clients one thing about writing you a brief to make your life easier what would it be?

This may be prior to the actual art brief, but I love when clients approach me with a budget already in mind, instead of asking for a vague quote. If I know how much a client wants to spend on artwork, I can tailor the style and complexity of the artwork to fit that, instead of giving a dozen different quotes for every option I can offer.

How many games do you estimate you’ve worked on?

About 6 published products, plus 4-5 RPG streams

What’s your favourite colour meeple?

The uncommon purple or orange.

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