Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple
Jamie Noble Frier
Co-Founder of DoodleMeeple

Artist Resource- Flowscape

A really quick post to show off something I was fortunate enough to find out about from Paco Jaen from GMS Magazine.

As a digital artist, I’m always on the lookout for great reference material. Flowscape is a great do it yourself reference engine built in Unity.

In Flowscape you can build a scene from composite parts, (hundreds of trees, mountains, buildings, props and landscapes) and photograph it from any angle. It currently seems to be geared toward medieval/fantasy settings, but for me as a fantasy artist it’s a really great tool for mocking up scenes before I get really stuck in!

Create your own world

In a small amount of time I was able to play with the tools and create a pretty awesome Viking village (below). Having the ability to zoom around this and create different camera angles to set up perspective shots is amazing.

Having full control over the lighting, including saturation, intensity, direction, and so much more means you can go from a cosy scene to an icy cold night time terror.

You’re able to build these little universes and zoom around them taking snapshots.

It’s really a gorgeous relaxing exercise with a beautiful chilled out soundtrack

It's not expensive

It’s not particularly expensive to pickup, but it’s also on sale on Steam right now! I grabbed my copy (having a very old outdated one, I bought a new one) for £2.67 ($3.50 ish).

Flowscape gets a thumbs up from me. My only issue is, as much as it might speed my process getting some nice foundational reference images to work off, I’ll probably lose double the time saved enjoying zooming around the little worlds I create…

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Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple

I hope you enjoyed reading! I’ll keep you all posted with news from us and from around the industry. If you’ve got news, why not share it with me?

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Keep making great games!

Jamie, DoodleMeeple

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