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A new feature for DoodleMeeple


DoodleMeeple is proud to present an entirely new community feature. We’re going to be offering coverage of your games as they are launching for crowd funding, or going to retail.

Just fill out our online form. It’s our way of showing off the great things you’re doing.

The Concept

As we’re growing our community, we thought, why not let you show each other what you’ve achieved!?

Board Game Focus will feature upcoming and newly launched games on our blog, community page and often appear in our newsletter!

The form guides you through the steps you need, but for any queries, feel free to email Jamie, and

The Feature

Board Game Focus will allow publishers and designers to show off their artwork, mechanics, reviews and playthroughs and even chat a little bit about their game. Keep checking in at DoodleMeeple to find out what new cool stuff our community is coming up with!

Want to be featured in Board Game Focus and get your game in front of our followers?

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