Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple

Jamie Noble Frier

Co-Founder of DoodleMeeple

Making board games with DoodleMeeple

It seems only yesterday that I wrote a post about our launch (it was four days ago…) but with so much going on I had to do a follow up.

We’ve been seeing a HUGE uptick in our users, and we have been enjoying seeing the briefs and quotes flying back and forth between board game publishers and board game artists, rules editors and everyone else!

making board games, ticket to ride

We’ve been gathering feedback and making a list (checking it twice… sorry it’s getting a little festive here), of all the features we’d like to add. DoodleMeeple is solid, you can do everything you need it to collaborate and make tabletop games, but we want to add more… MORE! 

So watch this space, we’ll be tell you when we add something exciting!

Tabletop of the Pops

I’m very pleased to see DoodleMeeple finding its way onto some very cool platforms! It seems we’re not the only people passionate about making board games…

Jamie met the folks from Tabletop Gaming Magazine at AireCon (Board game convention in Harrogate, UK) just before the dreaded lockdown in March.

game artists to make board games

To our delight, Tabletop Gaming published an article about our shiny new board game industry network and gave a run down of some of our features. It was a really fun, and engaging take on what we do. I hope we continue to impress as we add more features, I’ll definitely be dropping stats to them in future when we hit some of my personal milestones for the site…

DoodleMeeple hasn’t lost its MOJO

Another site who’s been talking about us is, Mojo Nation. Outside of reading their article about DoodleMeeple’s exciting new way of designing board games… Mojo Nation is an incredible resource to find out about the goings-on in the game and toy industry. 

Billy and Adam have created a phenomenal network. With some huge names on their list of partners, as well as some Billy talked to me about that would blow your mind! 

I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with Mojo Nation, they have some great initiatives with students, and they facilitate excellent relationships between designers and big licenses and list employment roles in the toys and games industry.

As seen on TV…

Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple

You might have seen this cheeky face doing the rounds on your favourite board game TV streaming show…

I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked for interviews with UK Games Expo (or UKGE if you’re in the ‘in-crowd’), and Board Game Exposure (I’ve yet to think of a witty shortened name) on Facebook live.

You can find the UK Games Expo interview over on UKGE’s twitch channel, where I give Kate and Millie a run down of the platform, and we chat about our experiences in the games industry, the accents of the dwarven races and how to right a good brief for Creatives.

Nick Welford a Board Game Exposure (also of Board, Deck and Dice fame), let me excitedly talk to him about the features we have at DoodleMeeple, and you can find our chat here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our journey, I’ll be continuing to post updates about what’s happening.

Keep making great games!

Jamie, DoodleMeeple

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