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Stripe is a payment platform similar to PayPal that allows us to collect and hold payments from clients and then release them to creatives when they complete payment milestones.

For more information about Stripe, what it is & how it works please visit the stripe website.

DoodleMeeple & Stripe

Creatives are required to connect their DoodleMeeple account with a Stripe account in order to receive payments from the jobs they complete.
The registration and connection process should only take about 5 minutes when you first setup your DoodleMeeple account. You'll be guided through the whole process and once it's done we'll be able to securely hold deposit payments and then transfer them to your bank account..
IMPORTANT: This process will create a new Stripe account even if you have an exisiting one. The new account may be linked to your original one and is called DoodleMeeple LTD

Will I get paid instantly?

You'll be notified as soon as the client has deposited the full contratual payment into our holding account. You'll then be able to begin work safe in the knowledge that you will be paid.

In order Stripe to create a secure payment process your payments may be held for a period of up to 7 days before being transferred to your Stripe account or being released to your bank account.

Verifying your stripe account

When you connect DoodleMeeple to Stripe it creates a new Stripe account, even if you have an existing account. This account will be listed in the top left corner of your Stripe dashboard and is called DoodleMeeple LTD.

You'll need to follow these instructions to activate your Stripe account.
1. Login to Stripe
2. Locate the Account Selector in the top-right
3. Select DoodleMeeple LTD
4. Click Activate your account & follow instructions