Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple
Jamie Noble Frier
Co-Founder of DoodleMeeple

Creative Roster Update

We’ve been asking you for feedback, and we love hearing how you’re getting on with our platform! Thanks to all of you who have taken a minute to get in touch with us about the features you love, and where we can improve.
Browse board game artists

Browsing Creatives in multiple tabs on your web browser

One REALLY integral piece of feedback is that our users haven’t been able to open multiple tabs from our Creative roster. We know how frustrating that is, when you’re trying to compare and browse the profiles.
As a part of a major overhaul on our Creative Roster, we’ve now made it default that when you click a profile, it opens a new tab, and your filters and progress on the Creative roster remain untouched so you can return to the original page and carry on your search.

Improving our profile previews

As well as this, Tim has recreated the mini profiles, so now your gallery images pop up when the cursor hovers over it. It means users can get a handle on a Creative’s general style and skillset, before clicking the profile.
We continue to work to create a better, more intuitive platform.

Watch my summary in under a minute...

Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple

I hope you enjoyed reading! I’ll continue to post updates about what’s happening.

Keep making great games!

Jamie, DoodleMeeple

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