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Right now if you're one of the following roles you can make a profile and start receiving briefs for board game projects right away.
Graphic Artist
Are you a graphic designer with a passion for board games and the user experience? Our graphic designer excel at making rules easy to follow by creating intuitive card designs and icons.
They design the cool logos that become the calling card of the product or even brand. If you have an eye for colour, detail and typography build an eye catching profile that will stand out to our Creators!
Are you a talented artist with board game industry experience? Our board game artists bring games to life, to engage and immerse players, making mechanics and numbers become dragons and lasers.
If you can create a sense of wonder with your work, pick out your best pieces and build a profile now!
Description Coming Soon!
*We are increasing the variety of roles all the time on DoodleMeeple to ensure that creators have access to all the top industry talent they need.
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Create a profile
So now you have a DoodleMeeple account, congratulations! Let's spice things up by building a profile that will showcase your skills. Your profile will need to adhere to a few rules if we're going to approve it for the creative roster:

1: Make it shine by using the best examples of your work.

2: Write concise & professional descriptions and summaries, when a potential client browses your profile you'll want to capture their interest quickly.

3: Fill in as much as you can, profiles with missing images and content will appear lower down on search results.
Get invited
Looking sharp! Now you're into the waiting game, whenever a client posts a job they will have the option of inviting up to 5 creatives to quote for the work. If you've made a standout profile you'll soon receive an email notification to say you've been invited to quote for a job.
Create a contract
Now you're cooking. View the job invite to see the details of the job and take a sneak peak at the project, if it's something you're interested in then it's time to produce a quote. Fortunately DoodleMeeple has everything you need to quickly build and send a quote to the client. Once again there are some rules we'd like you to follow:
1: Be realistic with your pricing, DoodleMeeple is actively pursuing the interests of freelance creatives by promoting fair pricing. This isn't a cattle market so don't undersell yourself and don't try to undercut the competition. Always add a profit margin and factor in the DoodleMeeple commission rates (see below).

2: Ask questions, clarify and discuss the job with the client. Once you have been invited you'll be able to communicate directly with the client so before you put a quote together ensure you fully understand what's involved.

3: Be specific with your details, if accepted by the client your quote will form a binding contract so make sure you can refer to it in case of a dispute.
Get Paid
When building your quote you'll have the option to break the payment up into milestones. We highly recommend using this feature to secure a deposit, receive regular payments, and encourage regular communication with you client.

The client is requires to deposit the full amount into the DoodleMeeple holding account before work begins. As soon as we have the money we'll notify you so you can begin work. Payment will be released to you according to the milestone payment schedule once the client has given approval.
The current commission rate is 10% of the total payment, this will be deducted from each approved payment that leaves our holding account.

Okay, so here's the demogorgon in the room. It's pretty standard for a service like DoodleMeeple to charge a commission on each successful payment. With both founders having a freelance background we understand how a commission fee can soon become a bone of contention so we've made it very clear when creating a quote what the fee is and how much you will actually receive. Please feel free to adjust your quote to cover the commission fee and ensure you still receive the payment you deserve.

Why do we do this? Well it actually takes a lot of work to build and maintain the DoodleMeeple service, without funding we would soon collapse and that would be bad for everyone, however, we'll always be looking out for new revenue streams and if we can make it work another way then we may be able to lower the rate.
Disputes happen all the time and they usually happen for one reason, lack of clear communication.

You can mitigate the chances of a dispute by ensuring your quote concise and accurate, by meeting deadlines and communicating regularly with the Client. If you're unable to fulfil your obligations then let the client know as soon as possible. Most importantly, use the milestone functionality to ensure that there is clear evidence of your progress with the project.

If the situation deteriorates to a point where we need to step in, then that's what we'll do. We'll act as a mediator to reach a resolution that suits both parties.