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Creators, Stripe and Getting Paid

19th November 2020
Hey Creatives....and Creators

We’re happy & excited to announce that we are now ready for Creators to register and start posting jobs on DoodleMeeple. This if course means that Creatives will finally be able to work through the platform when they’re invited to a job.

With the update that’s about to go live you’ll notice some big changes to the look of DoodleMeeple and the way things work. You’ll also need to make changes to your profile and link to Stripe if you want to appear on the Creative Roster. Here’s what expect and what you need to do:

When will the changes happen

We’ve planned for the changes to be deployed this weekend (28th & 29th Nov) we’ll be taking the service down during the transition but only expect it to take an hour.

What's New

Existing users will notice some changes, there will be additional options in the sidebar, changes to the look and feel of the interface as well as new requirements to get ready for payments. So here’s what’s new:

Dashboard Onboarding

The dashboard will now provide guidance on how to setup your profile and will notify you if any required information is missing.

Creative Roster Requirements

We’ll now be requiring all profiles to include a banner image, profile image, and at least one skill before they’ll appear on the Creative Roster. 

Stripe Accounts

All Creatives will need to create and connect a Stripe account to DoodleMeeple before they’ll appear on the Creative Roster. It’s pretty simple to do but does take around 5 minutes. When you account is connected we’ll be able to deposit your payments directly into your Stripe account. Payments and Transfers are subject to Stripe’s mandatory holding periods, which for the UK is 7 days, there’s not much we can do to mitigate this right now but we are looking at adding more Payment Options in the future.

Creative, Creator or Both

You’ll now have the option to set your account as a Creative, a Creator, or both. This will allow you to be hired by Creators whilst also letting you hire Creatives if you’re creating your own projects.

More Skills

Our list of skills is expanding to allow more industry professionals to offer their services. If you don’t find a suitable category for your own skillset then please let us know.

Creative Dashboard

Now the exciting stuff, the creative dashboard will list all the projects you’re working on. You can chat with your Creator, build quotes and view payments. Notifications will keep you up-to-date with all progress on the project and ensure a smooth completion of your job.

Creator Dashboard

Even more exciting is the creator dashboard, why is this more exciting? Because at long last Creators will be able to create job specifications and invite Creatives to quote for the work.  As a Creator you can make payments into the DoodleMeeple holding account meaning that Creatives can begin work with the assurance that the project has been funded. You can also chat with your creative, view quotes, see your Service Contract and release milestone payments.

That's it for now

We’re still building and improving our service and now, more than ever, we would really appreciate your feedback and advice. So if you have issues, or can think of a way we can do things better please get in touch.

We’d like to say Thank You to everyone so much for being patient, we hope you enjoy using DoodleMeeple

Tim Simms

Co-Founder & Lead Developer
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