December Update - DoodleMeeple

December Update

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13th December 2020

With the introduction of Creators to the platform there have been a lot of changes, fixes and updates. It’s an exciting time and we’ll be reacting to how you’re using the system to improve the experience for all users.

What's New

Stripe Onboarding

Almost half of the Creatives who connected to Stripe experienced issues so we completely reworked our workflow and are please to say that since then we’ve had no reported problems.

Improved Onboarding Guidance

The onboarding process has been improved to provide more specific details about what needs completing on profiles.

Optimised Image

Images that are uploaded to DoodleMeeple are now resized before being stored, this means we can display various versions of the image depending on where it’s being presented. This means faster loading and lower data usage.


You can view all ongoing conversations in the aptly named “Conversations” panel.

Mini Painters

Miniature painters can now register and setup a profile.

Creative Roster Improved

The Creative Roster displays a icon once a Creative is connected with Stripe, some UX improvements mean it loads faster and organises the Creatives in a slightly more useful way.

Cool Beans
That’s everything! We always welcome your feedback and advice.

Tim Simms

Co-Founder & Lead Developer
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