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DoodleMeeple is now commission free

New Design | New Business Model
25th January 20201
Hello everyone,

We’ve got some very exciting news and we hope you’ll be excited too, but first, some preamble….

After an incredibly busy year we decided to take some well-earned time off over Chrismas, however, being the restless workaholics we are it wasn’t long before we were on the phone discussing the direction the DoodleMeeple should go in the new year.

For Jamie and I, DoodleMeeple was meant to be fun & creative, a place where we could build a community and do the things we love; playing games, making games and being creative. Having built DoodleMeeple on a commission based business model we discovered we had limited what we could do creatively and what we could do for the table-top game community.

And so, as of February 2021, DoodleMeeple will be commission free, we’re also removing restrictions on taking communications off-platform so you can decide if you want to use DoodleMeeples project management tools or your own.

What’s more is we’re going to be adding a whole heap of social & sharing features to keep everyone engaged and entertained, more on that soon.

We’ll be in touch very soon with details, in the mean-time we hope your year has kicked off well!

Many thanks for your support

Tim & Jamie

Tim Simms co-founder of DoodleMeeple

Tim Simms


Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple

Jamie Noble-Frier