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Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple

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We’ve taken some time to make some big decisions at the start of 2021. The main one, by far, is to make DoodleMeeple a free platform.

For us, it’s always been about the community. We wanted to become a keystone in the board game industry, helping people find their ideal collaborators and bring projects to life that felt too overwhelming to even consider.

We began with a commission model, because a platform like ours costs money to run, maintain and update. Both Tim and I have both spent a year of our time building this custom app that allows the smooth interactions you see on the site now, and the network and marketing that surrounds it. However, it’s just not working for us, you or the community. A barrier of entry was the opposite effect we wanted. This was intended to be open to everyone, to help the community as a whole.

By making our platform free, and for looking to the future rather than the present we feel like it gives DoodleMeeple the best foundation to become an integral part of the board game industry.

To those early adopters during the commission model, we’ve not charged any fees, and we can’t thank you all enough for your support. Here’s a video about our commission free decision. Let’s make some games!


Co-Founder, DoodleMeeple

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Doodle Meeple Featured Artists

At DoodleMeeple we’re always looking for amazing new talent to show our growing list of creators.

We like to get to know our creatives personally to see what makes them tick. We know that when a creative finds a project they’re passionate about, they produce their best work.

That’s why we’re going to be interviewing the creatives that stand out to us, whether they are creating Kick-Ass work or just doing something really different, we want to know what creators can do to engage their brains and get them building out of this world projects with you.

With such a range of a diversity in our creatives, we can’t wait to see what we learn from them, that we can pass to you and spark some new exciting ideas.

If you have what it takes to be a DoodleMeeple Creative…