Frequently Asked Questions

August 2020

Yes, DoodleMeeple will charge a 10% fee on transactions through the platform. Creators  pay a 10% fee on top of the quoted amount. Creatives are charged a 10% fee on transfers from the holding account to their Stripe account.

For us to maintain a safe, secure and simple to use system we have to constantly update and improve DoodleMeeple. As well as the cost of developing and operating the app, we have admin, marketing, advertising, infrastructure and a whole host of other expenses that we need to pay to operate a successful business. We don’t hide our fees from our service users, and we understand it’s a contentious issue but DoodleMeeple can’t exist without these payments.

A client will post a job description and invite up to 5 Creatives to provide a quote. When a quote is accepted the client is required to deposit the full amount plus a 10% transaction fee into the DoodleMeeple holding account. Both the client and the creative will need to approve the release of funds to the creative according to the agreed payment schedule.

Example: Mal posts a job and invites Kaylee to quote for the work. Mal accepts Kaylee’s quote and transfers the full amount to DoodleMeeple. According Kaylee’s contract she will receive 50% upfront. Kaylee requests the funds and Mal approves the request. DoodleMeeple release the funds to Kaylee minus a 10% transaction fee.

Email with details of the issue. Provide as much information as possible so that the issue can be diagnosed and resolved quickly.

DoodleMeeple has been designed to reduce the chance of a dispute by guiding the client and creative through good practices, however, isputes are unfortunately a common occurence in a contractor marketplace and we’re always here to help find a resolution.

Always communicate regularly with your creative and highlight any issues or concerns as soon as they arise.

Please see our Dispute policy (Coming Soon)

If the client has provided a reason as to why they won’t approve the payment then we may need to get involved and take a look at the case. If however, the client hasn’t responded to your request within 7 days and has provided no reason as to why they won’t release the funds we will take action to approve the payment.

Refer to our Dispute Policy (Coming Soon)