Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple

Jamie Noble Frier

Co-Founder of DoodleMeeple

The talk of the town

Jamie’s been talking about us again. This time with Andrew from Geek Native:

DoodleMeeple: A site helps you get paid to paint miniatures (or proofread, voice act…)

“Can you turn your hobby into a paying job?

It wasn’t that long ago that a wargames magazine posted a job for a full-time miniature painting. That was 35 hours a week painting minis, being paid, although they didn’t say how much.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could name your price and then let people who want to hire you at that rate come to you? Or have a price in mind and look for someone who’d paint up your new army for it?

And why stop at mini painting? Why not do this for rules editing, illustration, social media, voice acting and other creative tasks that publishers big and small often need to find people for.

Well, that’s what DoodleMeeple offers. It’s a site where you can set your price and have business come to you or look for creatives.”

Read the full article here.

Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple

I hope you enjoyed reading about our journey, I’ll be continuing to post updates about what’s happening.

Keep making great games!

Jamie, DoodleMeeple

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