How To

Make a community post

Got something to shout about? Well now you can shout about it on DoodleMeeple, here’s how:

Login or Register

First login in to DoodleMeeple or register if you don’t have an account. You’ll see the Community Page just like the image below:

Posts Page

You’ll need to click the “Posts” button in the top menu of the “Home” page

You should now be in theĀ  “Posts” section. It looks like this:

Here you’ll see all the community posts but you won’t see your post, that’s because you haven’t created it yet. So let’s do that now.

Click on the “Create” button to go to the

Here you can add a feature image, title, content, a video link and a url to an external site. Fill in as much as you can to make an engaging post. Then click the “+ Create” button.

Your post has been created but…wait! there’s one more step before your post is live; click “Post to Board”.

Marvel at your creation

You, and everyone else, can now see your post on the Home page and the Community Posts page. Well done!

Many Thanks

Feedback and ideas on how to improve community posts is most welcome, email


Tim Simms

Technical Co-Founder
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