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Jamie Noble Frier co-founder of doodlemeeple
Jamie Noble Frier
Co-Founder of DoodleMeeple


Hey guys, I know loads of our followers at DoodleMeeple are artists or just love seeing artwork. 

Right now there’s  great hashtag flying around on Facebook. “#myartchallenge” is getting artists to put themselves and their work out there by posting a selfie and a selection of their work. It’s great exposure, and the hashtag can help to make your work get some viral attention.

Right now on Facebook over 82k people have posted about #myartchallenge, a whole load more on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve seen everything from fantasy artists, to horror artists, sci-fi artists and even people showing off their unique craft skills. If you’re a digital artist looking for a way to get your work out there, this is it! 

This post from artist, Stella Chen on Facebook, has allowed her to get almost 1500 likes! The post includes her Instagram and her Artstation links, so she’s getting crazy good exposure on the back of the hastag (and some very good fantasy artwork).

At DoodleMeeple we love our Creatives and want them to get all the visibility they can. We know that we provide a great service by finding our Creatives work, but it doesn’t stop there in the freelance game. Finding projects is always at the top of our agenda as artists, writers, and designers so if we can help our Creatives to continually find more avenues of work, we’re happy.

Keep an eye on our blog here, where we hope to add value wherever we find it to both our Creatives and Creators. Keep making great games guys!

Jamie NF 

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