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Post a Job

You have a job but can’t find anyone to do the work? You can create job post that will be visible to everyone on DoodleMeeple. Here’s what you need to do…

Login or Register

First login in to DoodleMeeple or register if you don’t have an account. You’ll see the Community Page just like the image below:

Jobs Page

There are 2 ways to access the Jobs Page; either click the “Job Ads” button in the sidebar menu then click “My Job Ads” and “Create Ad”  OR click the “+” icon that’s next to Jobs on the Community Page.

Now that you’re on the “Create Ad” page you should put in a meaningful title and click “Continue”

Jobs Page

From here you’ll need to agree to the Terms of Service and click “Continue”. You’ll now be on the job form where you’ll need to input the details of your job.

Fill in the required details, you’ll be able to continue when there is enough information about your job. For more details about each field’s requirements click the small “i” icon.


To ensure you get the right applicants you’ll need to select some keywords.

If you’re looking for an artist then click “Artist”, if you want an artist or Graphic Designer click “Artist” and “Graphic Designer”, you get the picture.

Click “Continue”.

Job Board or Invite Only

I imagine you’re buzzing with excitement right now, so am I. From here you can choose whether you want to post your job on the Job Board or invite a few select professionals to apply.

Make your choice using the switch button and click “Continue”.

Additional Information

Next section is completely optional but can be used to flesh out your job specification. Add reference images, timeframe, budget, a video message, anything to help professionals put together an accurate quote.

If you chose "Job Board"

If you chose to post your job to the Job Board you’ll see the following screen.

This is your job dashboard, you can return here at anytime to edit your post, or to check in on quotes you’ve received.
When you’re ready for your job to go live click “Post to Job Board”.
Your job will now be visible on the Job Board.

If you chose "Invite Only"

So you want to invite a few chosen professionals to apply for your job and this is the place to do it. Browse the profiles and click “Invite” to add them to your invite list.

When you have up to 5 professionals, click Continue…

…and if you’re sure you want to proceed click “Submit”.

Congratulations, your chosen professionals will be notified about the job and will provide you with quotes.
You’ll be notified when quotes come in and you can return to the Job Dashboard anytime to check in or chat with your professionals.

Many Thanks

I hope that helps


Tim Simms

Technical Co-Founder
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