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Your new DoodleMeeple - DoodleMeeple

Your NEW DoodleMeeple

New UI, features, workflow, everything....

As of Monday 20th Sep. when you visit DoodleMeeple you’ll be presented with a brand new platform complete with a raft of new features that you’ve been asking for.

So what's new?

That’s a big question with a small answer; just about everything.

We’ve updated the existing application with a new UI, remodelled the work-flow, fixed a host of bugs, reworked the colour scheme and added new features such as game listings, comments and community posts.

Read on for a thrilling compendium of update notes (it’s got pictures).

The new look Community Page

Here's what your new platform offers:

Community Posts
The community posts page

The board game industry is moving faster than ever, and as the board game enthusiasts we know you to be, you’ll be hungry for the latest tabletop gaming news. Who better to produce that news than….you.

Any registered DoodleMeeple user can now create community posts that feed directly onto the Community Page.

Game Listings

Look, it’s DoodleMeeple co-founder Jamie Noble-Frier’s game Hero Master: An epic game of epic fails

What’s a board game platform without board games?….A platform. So we’ve added board game listings to the site.

As a community member you’re able to list your creations and provide regular updates to anyone who’s interested. What’s more, you can provide links to your online stores and there’s also an option for members to leave comments.


The Kickstarter Ad page, replete with kickstarter ads

This feature has been around for a while but has flown under the radar. If you’ve got a campaign you can create a Kickstarter Ad that will appear on the community page.


A high-level management conversation in the messaging service

Don’t talk to me about messaging, it’s been the bane of my DoodleMeeple existance and anyone who used it in the past will know it to be buggy and inconsistent, well that’s about to change because it’s FIXED!

If you do experience any issues please don’t let me know*

*Please do let me know because I like to fix things, email

The Job Board

DoodleMeeple veterans will know that jobs are invite only, well not any more. Job Posts can now be invite only or can be posted to the job board for the world to see. We’ll even scour the internet for jobs and will post them here.

Jobs, glorious jobs

The Other Stuff

There’s a lot of under the hood improvements and fixes that have been implemented since the last update. I could and should list them all but I won’t, why? because only about 4 people will ever read this far down the post. If you’re one of those people, I’d like to say thank you, email me at, and I will add a special “Dilligence” badge to your profile.

Huge Thanks

We’re really, really grateful for all you lovely people having faith in us. We’ve come a long way and there’s a long way to go but together we’re getting there.


Tim Simms

Technical Co-Founder
Categories: Blog Posts